Benefits of Mended Hearts Membership

Connection.  Being a member offers opportunity for connection with the nation’s largest community-based heart patient support organization providing hope and encouragement to heart patients and their families.

Relationships.  Membership provides many opportunities to personally connect with fellow heart patients, family members and caregivers in your community and nationwide.  When you open your heart to a Mended Hearts membership, you have an opportunity to create life-long friendships at home and across the country with people from all walks of life.

Giving Back.  Our accredited visiting program enables survivors and caregivers to “give back” to other patients what they’ve learned from their experiences.

Chapter Activities.  We encourage all members to participate in chapter activities – which can include ongoing informational meetings, support group sessions, social activities, community health events, and a hospital‑based visiting program, to name a few.

National Magazine.  A subscription to Heartbeat quarterly magazine, 28-32 pages highlighting organization news, activities and items of interest to the heart-patient community, is available to all members.

In the Know.  Membership offers internal organizational communications via the Internet – providing the latest organizational updates and important heart-health information.

National Convention.  Members have the opportunity to attend annual national convention featuring nationally recognized speakers on the latest topics of highest interest to the heart-patient community; professional development skills building sessions; networking and social activities.

Web site.  Membership offers access to a password-protected members‑only site on the Mended Hearts Web site.

Branded Items.  Members receive access to a wide variety of Mended Hearts-branded wearables and other items to show off your Mended Hearts pride!

Leadership.  As a volunteer organization run by and for volunteer heart patients and their caregivers, Mended Hearts offers many leadership opportunities to impact change for the betterment of the heart patient community at the local, regional and national levels.

Mended Little Hearts.  Connection with Mended Little Hearts, the Mended Hearts program in communities nationwide that provides support to the “littlest heart patients of all” and their families.

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